Month: November 2022

Dukes Bailiffs Review

Whether you have a credit card debt or are facing a commercial lease, Dukes can help you recover it. They are a well-known UK debt collection agency, and they offer a comprehensive range of services to help clients recover their debt. In addition to their traditional services, they have also recently introduced a new tool, …

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Jacobs Enforcement

Previously known as Jacobs Bailiffs, Jacobs Enforcement has been around for over fifty years and is a debt recovery and enforcement services provider. Jacobs can collect debts for private companies and local authorities. They have a reputation for achieving targets, and this is evident from their awards. They have a strong infrastructure and focus on …

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Dukes Bailiffs

Whether you are owed money from a private company or public body, Dukes Bailiffs can help recover the money you owe. This is a family-run business with over 25 years’ experience in debt collection. They provide high court enforcement services, eviction of travellers and recovery of commercial rent arrears. Dukes is a national debt collection …

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Marston Holdings

Founded in 1988, Marston Holdings is one of the UK’s largest judicial services groups. It is involved in a range of outsourced services for local and central government departments. It has a total of over 2,000 staff, including High Court Enforcement Officers, bailiffs, traffic enforcement agents, enforcement agents and customer care agents. The company operates …

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