Bristow and Sutor Debt Collection

Bristow and Sutor

Among the debt collection companies in the UK, Bristow and Sutor are reputed for their nationwide judicial services. The company has been operating since 1977 and is based in Redditch, Worcestershire. It is a member of the Civil Enforcement Association, the Credit Services Association and the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation.

The debt collection company has over 450 staff. It is headed by Andy Rose, who has been in the business for more than 30 years. He is supported by Lee Cliffor at Freeths and Paul Lillico, the company’s chief technology officer. The company collects debts for both private and public sector clients. It collects debts relating to council tax, former tenant arrears and overpaid housing benefit.

Bristow and Sutor can also take action to seize possessions if you are not repaying your debt. This is known as a Taking Control of Goods Agreement. It gives bailiffs the power to take possession of possessions, such as cars and vehicles, if you don’t pay off the debt. You will be given a period of seven days to come to an agreement. If you are not able to reach an agreement, Bristow and Sutor will cancel the repayment plan.

Bristow and Sutor is a member of the Civil Enforcement Association, which has a strict code of conduct. Members of the association must follow this code when they deal with vulnerable debtors. For example, members must not coerce or threaten you into paying your debt. They must also follow guidelines issued by the Office for Fair Trading, which prohibits aggressive practices.

Bristow and Sutor’s main aim is to collect non-domestic rates, council tax, and penalties charge notices. They also collect commercial debts from local authorities. For example, Warwick District Council uses Bristow and Sutor to collect debts. The company also uses Credit Security, which is a debt collection company that specialises in collecting debts relating to former tenant arrears and overpaid benefit payments.

When you receive a notice from Bristow and Sutor, you will have a certain amount of time to negotiate with the company. If you can’t reach an agreement, you can take action to stop the company from seizing your possessions. You can also file a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman. You may also be able to use the insolvency procedure to stop the company from seizing your property.

Bristow and Sutor has an advisory team that can provide you with more information about debt collection. It also has an online payment option, which you can use to pay off your debt. If you choose to pay off your debt, you should ensure you get a receipt. You should also check your ID and any paperwork, to ensure the company is not trying to scam you. You should also be aware that Bristow and Sutor will add fees to your debt.

Bristow and Sutor bailiffs can visit your home to collect your possessions. Bailiffs have more powers than other agencies, but there are also rules and regulations to follow. You should behave in a professional manner when dealing with bailiffs.