How to Deal With Debt Collection Agencies Like Equita


Equita is a debt collection agency with 140 years of experience. They have a large network of local offices, which allows them to provide quick and efficient service. The agency works with local authorities, private companies and private individuals to recover unpaid debts. Currently, they employ over 1000 people.

The company collects unpaid council tax, business rates, Parking Penalty Charges Notices and unpaid rent arrears. They also provide High Court Enforcement services. These include taking control of goods or visiting businesses and clubs. If you are being harassed by a bailiff, you should contact the police and complain.

Equita is the largest debt recovery agency in the UK. The company handles millions of customer contacts each year. Using innovative technology, Equita is able to spot problems in the market and take action to recover unpaid debts. It offers a variety of payment options, including a convenient online portal and flexible telephone payments.

The debtor may receive a notice of enforcement, which gives them seven days to pay the amount in full. If the debt is not paid, the company will cancel the repayment plan. Depending on the type of debt, the client may receive additional fees.

A notice of enforcement should never be used as a means to intimidate the debtor into paying. In fact, the law states that a notice of enforcement is not an excuse to make false threats. However, if a person is not ready to settle a debt, the agency may continue to contact them.

When it comes to dealing with unpaid bills, the best thing to do is to try to arrange a repayment plan. Even if you cannot afford to pay the full amount, you should discuss a plan with the debtor. This will help ensure that you will not be contacted again by the debt collector.

Once the debtor has a plan in place, it is important to follow the plan. Often, it is possible to set a realistic amount and avoid further contact from the debt collection agency. There is also the option to write off the debt entirely. After all, it is better to pay off a small amount than to continue to be harassed.

Debt collection agencies like Equita are known for using questionable tactics. Some of their practices are legal, but they are not reputable. So you should take some time to consider your options before you allow the agency to visit your property.

You should keep in mind that the company’s tactics are designed to force you to pay. Moreover, if you are not sure whether you are in financial trouble, it is always advisable to seek professional help. Getting advice is the best way to protect yourself.

While a debt collection agency may be able to offer a solution to a problem, you should be aware that they can sometimes damage your credit score. Equita may send you letters, call you on the phone or text message you.