Marston Holdings

Marston Holdings is a debt collection company that tries to collect debts on behalf of its customers. Its collection agents must follow certain rules when approaching debtors. You can file a complaint against Marston Holdings if you feel that they are not following these rules. The company employs debt recovery bailiffs and is the largest judicial service company in the UK.

The company employs over 2,000 people, including self-employed agents. They recover more than PS300 million a year for businesses, individuals, and taxpayers. These agents are not permitted to engage in deceptive practices and can only use reasonable force to enter your home. Its staff is also regulated by the Ministry of Justice.

Marston Holdings has a Shared Service Centre in Oldham and substantial teams in all areas of finance. Their relationship with Axon Moore is strong, and it is able to recruit for a wide range of junior roles. The company wanted to recruit for junior roles during a period of change such as the Covid19 pandemic and early 2021. They wanted to hire individuals who would be able to learn quickly and be part of decision-making and process improvement.

Debt recovery is one of the most important services offered by Marston Holdings. They operate nationwide and process over 1.5 million claims a year. The company employs more than 1,000 enforcement and 650 customer care agents. They work closely with the courts to help individuals get back on their feet. The company also offers free debt advice to individuals who want to get out of debt.

In addition to enforcing County Court and High Court Orders, Marston Holdings also enforces bankruptcy orders and traveller removal orders. The company recovers more than PS30 million in debt for its High Court clients each year. Additionally, they recover over PS10 million in debt associated with employment tribunal and ACAS settlements.

Marston Holdings can also use bailiffs to recover possessions from debtors. These bailiffs give seven days’ notice before the sale, and they will confirm the amount of money they are able to recover. The amount will be used to pay off any fees and charges. The company does not just seize any possession; it will take only high-value luxury items.