What You Need to Know About Equita


Equita is an enforcement agency that provides debt recovery services to local authorities. It has local offices and a central admin hub in Northampton that enable it to work with clients efficiently. Its 140 years of experience in the industry help the company deliver a professional and swift service. If you’re in need of debt collection services, Equita is the ideal company to work with.

Equita has several different collection strategies that they can implement to pursue you for your debt. One of the most common methods they use is a bailiff action. This action involves the debt collector visiting your home or land and securing your goods. If you refuse to comply, the bailiff may call the police and impose additional fees.

If you can’t pay your debts to Equita, they will send a bailiff to your home to take your possessions. You will be given seven days notice prior to the bailiff’s first visit. The bailiff can enter through a window or door, and may even take things from outside your home if you’re not home. The bailiff will usually charge PS235 for this visit.

If you don’t pay, Equita can pursue legal action in the High Court. It can also obtain a County Court Judgement, which will stay on your credit report for six years. This will make it difficult for you to obtain new financing. To avoid this type of outcome, contact the company before Equita begins any collection activity.

Equita prides itself on innovation and a strong grasp of the debt recovery market. Its website focuses on debt collection, but it also offers debt advice and payment plans. However, you should be aware that many Equita debt collectors use aggressive tactics and intimidation to collect their debts. While they are regulated by the Ministry of Justice, they must give you reasonable time to pay your debts.

Bailiffs from Equita are not your ordinary bailiff. They work on behalf of other organisations to collect debt. They acquire debt from other companies and collect money when debtors pay their debts. In addition to chasing debts, they also provide CCJ advice to companies. They also work closely with the court system and have over 1,000 staff members.

Equita has offices across the UK. Their network of offices means that they can provide an efficient service to their clients. Furthermore, Equita’s staff has a wealth of experience. This experience enables them to provide expert advice to clients. The company’s aim is to recover their clients’ money by means of a payment plan or through legal action.

Equita is regulated by the Ministry of Justice. This means that they must give you enough time to investigate your debt and plan for repayment. You can also complain online to prevent them from pursuing your debt further. By following these steps, you can avoid the stress and harassment associated with the debt collection process.